15 June 2010


I did tie-dye in my art class last week. Or was it the week before? So I started by doing a little practice piece of cloth that has a few circles and is orange. I'll try to post a picture. Then I did one on a 2 meter long piece of fabric called mol mol. I had to draw out my design on paper, and copy it over. Then, for the little circles, I had to use string to tie them really tightly. When your done, it feels like there are a bunch of pebbles in them. For the big circles, you do the same kind of tieing but bugger in you want larger rings and further down on the fabric if you want bigger circles. I also have to fish on it, which I made by stitching the fish, then pulling on the strings so i could squish up the fabric and tie it up. First I dyed it light blue. Then, I had to take off some ties and tie some more, so when we died it yellow, I would get yellow in the white spaces and blue in the tied spaces and green in the spaces that were untied blue. Then I tyed and untyed more and more, and we dyed it red, so now it has white, yellow, light blue, green, light red, darker red, and maroon. Its really pretty. I'll try to put up a picture of it soon.


Anonymous said...

Celia dear, On your grandmother's rec ommendation, I read about your school. I would have gotten to your blog sooner or later, but this reminder made it "sooner"! I can
t believe all that you do, and think you and Margaret get double first prizes for being the most inventive, the most original, and the most wonderful two women in all of India and the U.S. and probably the world! I'm totally speechless, which, for me, is an accomplishment. Lots of love and xx, Flora