27 June 2010


So, I'm attending school now. Its different than back home. Almost all the classes are ouside and we have lots of different classes. There are modeling classes (working with mud(clay)) and drawing classes and singing classes and 2 different kinds of science, and instead of lunch we have tiffin. School starts at 6 am and goes till 11, except on days when you have 7 periods. I only have 7periods twice a week. I'm in class 8C. They're are a lot of students in each class.
We have uniforms too. the 1st-5th year students wear white button up shirts and yellow skirts or shorts. The 6th-8th year girls wear white salwar (baggie pants) and yellow kamise (long tops) and stripped doupatas (scarfs). The boys wear white pants and long, long-sleeve yellow shirts. The the 9th year and older girls wear really really pretty orange sarries. They're really nice.
Most of the classes are in Bengali, so I have some trouble, but it's not too hard. I understand English the most and the teacher even had kids ask me questions one day because I speak fluent English. It was interesting.
Today was my fourth day and I met some of the girls in my class who live in the hotels on campus. The principle said I should try to meet some of them because I live near the school and they sometimes have game nights and other things at the hostels.

All in all, its been pretty fun.


Steve Ford said...

Super heros now disappoint me. Superman? Feeble. Spiderman? Lame. Know who my favorite hero is now?

Anybody who can go to a school which is taught in a different language and not have her/her head explode!

Celia, your mom may be my rock star, but YOU are the star rocker! (Hint:it's even cooler than being a rock star.)

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Celia, We love your blog-and Mom's,too. We can't wait to hear about your adventures in person, but in the meantime it is great to learn about them on your blogs.
lots and lots of love,
Pipa and Grandma