12 July 2010


Those little reddish brown ants bite. Ouch. My feet.

Hool Festivle

Yesterday was the Hool Festivle in Balipara. I'm not really sure what its about, but it is a big festivle in the Shantal villages. Mom set up portraits of people in Balipara that she took. In the morning, we set up the small, laminated photos, then Anapurna came with the big flex pictures. We had two pieces of wood put on the large ones, one at the top and one at the bottom, so it would hang right. Gunja and I bought bangles (12 bangles for 10Rs) and then we walked to her house to take a brake. We watched a movie, then had lunch. After, we took a rest- with her parents and Mom- in their AC room. Then we went back to Balipara and there was a big dance contest of all the villages in the area. Each had a different color sarrie and different decorations in their hair. There was also 2-4 drummers in each group. There were lots of girl dancers, then five dance groups of men. At the end, it started to rain, so Gunja, Barto, and I went back to their house with the cameras. Mom and Arpita took down most of the pictures, but Mom has to get some today. We got lots of pictures and videos of the dances, and so if we can get internet, we'll put them up.


01 July 2010

Nose Piercings

So: I GOT MY NOSED PIERCED! It hurts when you scratch it.... Our friend (and mom's inturpriter), Annapurna know a lady who dose piercings. So we went to her house and she had a start by using ice. Then we had to mark the spots we wanted the piercing in. Instead of using the nose ring (like how mom's was done last time) she used a needle (don't worry, it was new) and string. So we have to use hydrogen peroxide and cream and move the string a little bit at a time. Then, in about a week at least, we can put in the earring. :)

It didn't really hurt when the needle when in, but it hurt when she took it out because it gets thicker. I would've liked to have just the earring in, because then we don't have to change it, but this way we can clean the inside of the hole. My string came untied this morning, so I'll just have to be careful.

I'll try to get up the pictures later.