23 February 2010

More Changes

So, we're not leaving Tuesday. It might be next week. If it is, we might go to New York, Iowa, or just stay home and relax or clean the house. I'm not going to school though. Also, we might not go to Deli and then go to Kolkata. We might go to Udaipur. (We don't even know where it is.) Why couldn't we have just left Saturday!

I don't even know how long.

-Celia Echt

18 February 2010


It's now possible that we will be leaving at a different time. But if we left a week late, I would have to come back with Steve for school, and mom would have to stay longer and might not be able to work at the college. I hope we leave on time!

I started my malaria medicine, and am continuing use of the vitamin B. It tastes HORRIBLE! But it might help with the mosquitos, so it's worth a try.
Getting everything prepared incase we do leave Saturday. Got all my clothes and most of my other stuff ready.

3 days! (maybe)

-Celia echt

09 February 2010

Getting Ready

We're getting ready! Everything is getting put together downstairs. I have a backpack now and so dose mom. We both have rain coats, pants, belts, long skirts, inflatable pillows, flashlights and headlights. I also have almost all my school books and my clothes. At school, I'm getting pictures of all my friends and classes so I can have them to remember.

1 week 5 days! *faints*

-Celia Echt

02 February 2010


Mom and I leave New York in a few hours. We said our tearful goodbyes to Becky, Aunt Jane and Henry yesterday. This morning, Pipa (Lloyd Frank, my grandpa) had to go to work pretty early so Mom and I woke up and talked to him until he had to leave. Today we went to breakfast with Liz Okin and talked lots with her about the trip. Then, we said goodbye to her too. It's been a sad two days of goodbyes to family. (But we did get a bunch of bagels from H&H. YUM! No you can't have any!)

2 weeks and 4 days. Mom is freaking out!

-Celia Echt

01 February 2010

Hair and More Plans

Mom and I just finished getting our hair cut. We got lots of info on taking care of our hair in India. Paul also told us about Tamil Nadu. NEW CONTACT!
If we can't do project stuff in Orissa ... maybe Tamil Nadu?

2 weeks and 5 days! Can't wait!

-Celia Echt

In New York

I am currently in New York. On Saturday, Mom and I both bought sandals for India, and Mom got sneakers. I also got a long skirt which was advised for open bathrooms (gross!). Today, we spent some time with Becky and talked lots about plans for the trip. She gave us lots of advice on traveling, weather, hospitals and water.

2 weeks and 6 days. Wow!

-Celia Echt