09 February 2010

Getting Ready

We're getting ready! Everything is getting put together downstairs. I have a backpack now and so dose mom. We both have rain coats, pants, belts, long skirts, inflatable pillows, flashlights and headlights. I also have almost all my school books and my clothes. At school, I'm getting pictures of all my friends and classes so I can have them to remember.

1 week 5 days! *faints*

-Celia Echt


Steve Ford said...

I'll be following your blog posts every day!

(P.S. - I stole an H&H bagel when you weren't looking. Mua haa haaa.)

Marg Frank said...

We got the bagels for you, Steve. We wanted to do something really nice for you so you'd remember us. It was the nicest thing we could think of. Okay, that's not true. It was the easiest nice thing we could think of. (We love you :-)

Margaret said...

Celia- I know you're going to have a fantastic adventure! I've bookmarked your site so I can check in frequently. Don't forget to check the NW orchestra blog too! We'll miss you but look forward to your return in the fall. :-)

Celia Echt said...

Evil Steve! Your a bagel feind!

Ms. Deligati- thank you! I will check the blog as often as possible. I'll miss you all to, but I'll be back to play violin in the fall. :)

Marg Frank said...

And I already check Mrs. D's orchestra blog regularly. Thanks for reminding me to keep doing so :-)