30 April 2010

Tamil Nadu

Sorry I havn't blogged in so long. When we were in West Bengal, the internet kept getting messed up,  and mom had to use the computer to prepare for her class. The class went very well.

We are in Tamil Nadu. The town is called Tiruvanimalli (spelling?). It was suposed to be a work trip, but its turning out to be vacation too. Today, for the third time we went into the villages. We've taken lots of pictures, and given lots too. Since the sun and heat are bad for the printer, tomarrow we have to go back to two villages to give people their pictures. Some of the pictures didn't work well when we went to the first village, so we will have to go back there too. We have also been doing alot of listening to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and This American Life on mom's iPod and doing patchwork. Right before we left, my art teacher showed us how to do pachwork so I had a good project for while I'm gone. I'm almost finished with my peice. I also took some scraps so I can make another when I finish. We have an AC unit in our room, and it's spoiled us. Its hot here, but cooler than West 
Bengal, but I melt when I leave the house. It's made us soft. Oh well, we'll ajust when we get back. 

I should go because we're in an Internet cafe. I'll try to write more soon.

-Celia Echt


Steve Ford said...

Hee hee hee ... made you soft! You are so funny.

I don't know about the patchwork stuff! I'm all interested now. I know the internet is bad, but I hope I can see it before August.

Adam Frank said...

hey Celia,
this is Adam...
Anyways, I am here in New York and hoping you two are having a blast. I will try to stay in touch. Anyways, See you soon.

Best of wishes,

Fred said...

Hey Cutie,

Hope you're having lots of fun and not letting Mom pester you too much.

Lots of love (or as Adam would say "Best of wishes")