04 April 2010

New House

We finally have a new house. We officially took it last Sunday, but I forgot to blog about it. We bought lots of stuff in Kolkata. We got knifes (very hard to find), forks, spoons, bowls, pots, washcloths, towels, sheets, bed covers (for dust), T-shirts (not for the house, for sleeping in), and lots of other stuff. We have been moving lots of stuff into it. We had an inverter installed for when the power goes out, and a fridge put in. We’re rearranging some of the furniture so in the bed room we can be under the fan and so there is a couch in the front room. We also have done a lot of cleaning. It was hard work! Tomorrow we move officially move in. It’s really pretty there. There is a huge garden with lots of fruit trees and a big veggie garden. Lots of pretty flowers too. The people who own it live in Kolkata and come here about once a month. But the caretaker lives on the property. Can’t wait to move in!