07 April 2010

The House

Everything is pretty good here. We have to get a new battery for the inverter because the one we have only lasts about an hour if we only have the fan on, and when the power on it gets low, it screams. The guy was suposed to come about 50 minutes ago, but still isn't here. The fridge is great, but we have to turn it off when the generator is running because it uses a lot of power. Today, I found out that the shower head in the bathroom works. That was really nice. We have two western toilets, and this giant fan thing that runs on water. It works really well. This morning for breakfast, mom used the stove and fried some patatoes, or aloo bhujia. It was really good. This afternoon, Gunja and her family might come over, so that will be fun. I'm really liking this house.

-Celia Echt