25 May 2010

Radio Recording

Arpita was having kids read powems and sing songs for a holiday next week. She had me read one of the Tagor powems in the Easy Learning book. It was really wierd, I was the oldest one reading except Bebe, and I was reading the easiest powem. It was in Bengali though. We arrived late because it was raining (suprising, I know). When I got there, there were about 15 other kids too. We all practiced our powems, songs, and other things first, then we recorded them on a little machine with a microphone attached. It was fun. I think I did pretty well.


Marg Frank said...

She was excellent!

The program is to broadcast on Sunday at 7 pm. It's municipal elections that day, so news may preempt. If so, I hope it airs later.

... and just for the record, I believe several of the girls who sang are C's age or older. And not one of them read or sang in English.